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The Paris Agreement requires all Parties to set out mitigation and adaptation plans in a Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) document submitted to UNFCCC. Every five years, nations are required to submit a revised NDC in which progress towards achieving the purpose of the Agreement must be reported. To get an overview of the how the world’s nations are planning to adapt and to determine the role of Nature-based Solutions, we conducted an in-depth textual analysis of the adaptation components of all 167 NDCs submitted by Parties to the Paris Agreement.  Our analysis is limited to the current NDCs; other national plans (e.g. National Adaptation Plans or National Adaptation Plans of Action) will be added in due course. Please let us know what you think about our draft guidelines for revision of the NDCs, which is based on this analysis.

NDC status vs nations

What is the current status of NDC submissions?

The Paris Agreement has 197 Parties: 195 signatories plus Syria and Nicaragua (which joined after the deadline for formal signing had passed). Of these Parties, 194 have submitted NDCs (Libya, Syria and Nicaragua are yet to do so), including one NDC submitted for the European Union on behalf of all 28 member states. A number of nations were unable to submit an NDC because either they were a dependency or they were not signatories of the Agreement. In total, there are 167 NDCs available for analysis (166 from Parties plus one from Taiwan).

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