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A global policy platform for climate change adaptation

This platform makes information about climate change adaptation planning across the globe openly available, easy and interesting to explore. This version showcases adaptation plans in the climate pledges of all signatories of the Paris Agreement of UNFCCC.  It highlights the prominence of Nature-based Solutions to climate change impacts in global policy and links pledges to the underlying evidence. The goal is to facilitate the global stocktake of the Paris Agreement and provide a baseline against which changes in ambition for Nature-based Solutions to climate change adaptation can be monitored and increased. The platform will grow with more policies and functionalities. Please let us know how we can make it most useful to you. We have updated this platform to include the information provided in updated NDCs.

Read the published analysis underlying this policy platform here

Nature-based solutions in the updated NDCs

Global map of NbS in NDCs

105NbS in updated Nationally determined Contributions; red dots denotes NDCs in which the term “nature-based” explicitly mentioned

01 Explore

Discover how the world’s nations are planning for the impacts of climate change and the emphasis placed on Nature-based Solutions

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Explore our bibliography for the latest publications on NbS and locate scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions to climate change impacts using our Evidence Platform.

03 Understand

Understand and compare pledges to review how nations are adapting and asses the prominence of nature-based solutions.