Stated vulnerabilities

When analysing current NDCs, we noted when sectors (e.g. agriculture, water, health, forestry, fisheries) were explicitly stated as being at risk from climate change. We also noted when sectors were implied to be at risk, i.e. when the NDC included a description of exposure, impacts or threats from climate change. Scroll down to explore how nations describe their vulnerabilities in their NDCs, and the extent to which these “stated vulnerabilities” vary by region and income group.

Vulnerabilities vs nations

Biodiversity is one of the top three sectors stated to be most at risk from climate change

Most NDCs – 90% of those which address adaptation - state that agriculture and/or livestock is imperilled by climate change, 86% highlight risks to water, 80% highlight biodiversity, 78% highlight human health and 62% highlight risks to coastal, marine and/or inland fisheries.

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