• Income group: upper middle income
  • National biodiversity index: 0.613
  • CO2 emissions (kilotons): 5,702
  • Population: 6,337,127
  • NDC submitted by nation
  • No details in adaptation plan
  • Medium climate risk
Vision Statement

Promote the sustainable management of forest ecosystems and promote reforestation activities for protection and income generation and reduction of the process of loss and degradation of native forests.

Empirical evidence from Paraguay on NbS effectiveness

    Stated Vulnerabilites

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Biodiversity / ecosystems
  • Adaptation Outcomes
    • Increase resilience / reduce risk
    • Protect against extreme events / disasters
    • Food security
    • Water security
    • Protect biodiversity / ecosystems
    • Human well-being / health
    • Energy security

Current Nature-based Action in Adaptation Plan

In this last year, Paraguay has demonstrated its commitments in the climatic and environmental aspects since it has presented a National Plan of Forestation and Reforestation, where through a presidential decree the Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy is authorized to establish certification and funding schemes to the National Development Bank of US $ 40,000,000 for the start of forest plantations for energy and timber purposes, which will directly affect less pressure on native forests for the use of biomass.