• Income group: high income
  • National biodiversity index: 0.57
  • CO2 emissions (kilotons): 82,563
  • Population: 16,572,475
  • NDC submitted by nation
  • No details in adaptation plan
  • Medium-low climate risk
Vision Statement

[…] the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) is implementing the National Climate Change and Vegetation Resource Strategy. This plan, proposes climate change mitigation and adaptation measures aimed at supporting the recovery and protection of native lands and xerophytes. In addition, it promotes the plantation of vegetation in apt soils belonging to small and medium-sized producers. A state mechanism will be designed and implemented to facilitate access by communities and owners to the benefits associated with the environmental services generated by these recovered ecosystems.

Empirical evidence from Chile on NbS effectiveness

Articles about NbS from Chile

    Stated Vulnerabilites

  • Agriculture / livestock
  • Water
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Biodiversity / ecosystems
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Adaptation Outcomes
    • Increase resilience / reduce risk
    • Protect against extreme events / disasters
    • Water security
    • Human well-being / health
    • Economy
    • Protect natural capital / ecosystem services
  • Broad type of indirect action
    • Investment in climate change research / monitoring
    • Institutional capacity building
    • Community capacity building
    • Raising public awareness