• Income group: high income
  • National biodiversity index: 0.189
  • CO2 emissions (kilotons): 107,854
  • Population: 1,757,540
  • NDC submitted by nation
  • No details in adaptation plan
  • Low climate risk
Vision Statement

The Qatar National Vision 2030 contains four pillars: Human, Social, Economic and Environmental development…It is through the fourth pillar, in particular, that the State of Qatar is seeking to preserve and protect its unique environment. This fourth pillar is of high importance as it seeks to strike a balance between development needs and environmental protection, and supports international efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. Therefore, the State of Qatar is dealing with the potential impacts of climate change through initiating several contributions and activities.

Empirical evidence from Qatar on NbS effectiveness

Articles about NbS from Qatar

    Stated Vulnerabilites

  • Water
  • Biodiversity / ecosystems
  • Fisheries
  • Adaptation Outcomes
    • Water security
    • Protect biodiversity / ecosystems
    • Sustainable development / green growth