• Income group: lower middle income
  • National biodiversity index: 0.559
  • CO2 emissions (kilotons): 5,530
  • Population: 3,278,100
  • NDC submitted by nation
  • No details in adaptation plan
  • Low climate risk
Vision Statement

The Republic of Armenia embraces the ecosystem approach for adapting to climate change. The approach is in harmony with the environmental policy of the country, can ensure synergy with other international environmental conventions and treaties, will lay the ground for inter-sectoral coordination, and will support establishment of cross-border cooperation and solidarity environment.

Apply an ecosystem-based approach to mitigation and adaptation actions, giving preference to balanced and combined actions […] the natural ecosystems adaptation approach in INDC is considered pivotal for Armenia’s adaptation strategy and actions (contributions), and a basis for the development of the national adaptation plan.

Empirical evidence from Armenia on NbS effectiveness

    Stated Vulnerabilites

  • Agriculture / livestock
  • Water
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Biodiversity / ecosystems
  • Fisheries
  • Transport / infrastructure
  • Forestry
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Settlements in general