North Korea

  • Income group: low income
  • National biodiversity index: 
  • CO2 emissions (kilotons): 40,528
  • Population: 24,554,000
  • NDC submitted by nation
  • No details in adaptation plan
  • Climate risk not assessed

Empirical evidence from North Korea on NbS effectiveness

    Stated Vulnerabilites

  • Agriculture / livestock
  • Water
  • Fisheries
  • Adaptation Outcomes
    • Increase resilience / reduce risk
    • Protect against extreme events / disasters
    • Protect biodiversity / ecosystems

Planned Nature-based Action in Adaptation Plan

Recovery of degraded forest and firewood forest management in community areas.

Control of forest pest outbreaks by climate change and integrated forest pest management.

Improvement of ecosystem conservation system in coastal zone of the Korea West Sea.

Improvement of management system for existing nature reserves.