Level of detail in the NDCs

There is much variation in the level of detail provided in the adaptation components of the NDCs. While some comprise a basic outline of general adaptation actions, others are more detailed: they describe specific sets of actions aimed at addressing specific impacts or vulnerable sectors and include at least some quantitative and/or time-bound costed adaptation targets. As you will see below, there is much regional variation in the level of detail provided, with most detail provided in the adaptation components of the NDCs of African nations.

Nations vary in how much detail they provide in their NDC adaptation plans

Only around 30% of NDCs have detailed adaptation plans with a bias towards lower income nations. While 98% of NDCs from lower and lower-middle income nations include adaptation plans (of which 48% are detailed), only 71% of NDCs from upper middle and high-income nations include adaptation plans (of which only 13% are detailed).

Evidence of greater emphasis on adaptation planning in NDCs among nations most at risk from climate change

There is evidence that level of adaptation planning in the NDCs reflects degree of risk from climate change, with those nations most at risk (i.e. lower income developing nations) including more detail in their plans than those nations estimated to be at lower risk from climate change.

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