Adaptation planning in the NDCs

While all Parties to UNFCCC include a mitigation component in their NDCs, only 141 NDCs (84% of the 167 submitted) do the same for adaptation. In a series of graphs, maps and country fact sheets, you can explore why nations are developing adaptation plans in the NDCs (i.e. intended adaptation outcomes), whether actions for mitigation and actions for adaptation are linked, what broad types of adaptation actions are currently underway or planned, and the extent to which adaptation actions have measurable, costed targets.

We note the lack of adaptation plans in the NDCs of Annex 1 nations (i.e. industrialised OECD members and economies in transition): only two include adaptation plans in their NDCs. This suggests weak engagement with the adaptation dimension of the Paris Agreement in several major developed nations including those at risk from the hazardous effects of climate change.